Why You Don’t Have The Body You Want

You’ve got your diet dialed in. You’ve got a pill box full of supplements. You haven’t missed a single trainig session in 6 months. Yet you still don’t have the body you want or think you should have. Unfortunately, this is a more common dilemma than most people realize. I’m here to give you the ‘hidden’ reasons as to why you just aren’t progressing the way you’d like — and what, exactly, you can do about it.

You’re Toxic

Who knew that Britney Spears had all the answers to your fat loss problems? When she sang “you’re toxic” it was very likely that she was spot on correct. Environmental toxins from pollution, cigarette smoke, cosmetics, metal tooth fillings, mercury in fish and prescription drugs are wreaking havoc on your body as we speak. And, most often, these toxins are stored in adipose tissue (fat cells). Fortunately for you, your body prioritizes survival over ripped abs so it refuses to use these fat cells for fuel which would release these toxins into general circulation (which would be a very bad thing). Essentially, you are holding onto these fat cells so the toxins don’t make you ill or kill you.

But don’t give up hope, there are things you can do to make yourself less toxic and ultimately drop that body fat. Infrared saunas, detoxifying foot baths, chelation therapy and liver and GI tract detoxifying diets can all help you remove metals and toxins from your system.

You’re Intolerant

This one is a real kick in the pants. You’ve been eating everything your supposed to: eggs, meat, gluten-free grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, avocado, olive oil. You haven’t had a cheat meal in 6 months. And yet, you can’t shake those last 5 pounds of fat. There may be a chance that you have what amounts to a food allergies younger, more annoying kid brother – a food intolerance. A food intolerance causes inflammation in your body. Not the ‘stung by a bee, close up your throat and die like McCauley Culkin in My Girl’ inflammation, but low level inflammation that keeps your system from running smoothly. And, as mentioned before, if your system isn’t running correctly, dropping fat is the least of your body’s problems. Eggs, nuts, soy, wheat and dairy are the “Big 5″ when it comes to food intolerances but you can be intolerant to anything from garlic to parsley to pineapple to eggplant. And, chances are, the more you regularly eat something (and people do tend to eat the same things repeatitively when on a fat loss plan) the more there is a chance your body will become intolerant to it. I told you it was a kick in the pants.

Things such as food intolerance tests (which are done through blood work) and elimination diets can help you discover the main culprits. Eliminate these from your diet and watch your waistline reduce faster than your bank account during a trip to Vegas.

You’re in a bad relationship

This one does not take a lot of explaining. Bad relationships lead to long term exposure to stress. And nothing is worse for your body composition than stress. This is not soley limited to romantic relationships. An overbearing mother, an abusive boss or an overly competitive co-worker can all be stressing out your system and causing you to hold onto fat, especially in your abdominal region.

Cutting out bad relationships may be tough and, for some, may seem to be completely undoable. But make an effort to cut as many toxic people out of your life as possible and you will be happier and much healthier for it.

You’re not working hard enough

Just because you haven’t missed a training session in 6 months doesn’t mean your are getting everything you can out of training. If showing up is half the battle, the other 50% is the effort you bring everytime you step in the gym. In fact I would say most people do not have the understanding of what your body is capable of enduring. If you are one of those people who goes to the gym to while walk at 4.0 on an incline treadmill, do yourself a favor. Peer over the top of that People magazine you are reading and take a look at the gym floor. You see that guy over there who just pushed his body to the brink in order to complete a brutal modified strongman circuit and is now splayed out on his back in the corner trying to catch his breath? He’s got much better body composition than you do. That is not by accident or genetics, that guy is just busting his ass.

I’m really not trying to call anyone out here. Everyone is entitled to get whatever they want out of their fitness program. But if you don’t have the body you want take a look inside yourself to see if you are really putting in the required effort.

So, there you have it. The ‘hidden secrets’ as to why you don’t have the body you want. Sorry if the list isn’t particularly sexy. But if it was, I’d probably put it all in a 9 disc DVD set and have some hot chick or celebrity spokesperson sell it for me for on late night TV. Wait, that’s actually not a bad idea. I wonder what Britney is up to these days.