Why Do Men Seem To Lose Weight Without Even Trying?

Here’s something I’ve always wondered about. According to about a billon health articles on the internet (which means they must be legit, right?), men have an easier with weight loss than women. But with so many amazing female bodybuilders, weight lifters, and celebs with rockin’ arms and abs, saying that men are better at losing weight seems like kind of an excuse to me. So I asked professional trainer Dan Trink, who confirmed my suspicions–yes, men have the hormonal advantage, but women are shooting themselves in the foot with one very bad gym practice.

“The biological mechanisms involved in how people lose weight, and even gain muscle, are the same in both men and women. However, there are factors that come into play based upon gender,” says Trink, a CSCS, who’s also strength coach, nutritional consultant, and personal trainer at Peak Performance in New York City. According to him, we’re on a level playing field, aside from one important aspect: hormones.

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