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Maybe you’re tired of following the training programs you find in the back of the fitness magazines. Or haven’t had long term success with the latest fad diets. Maybe you are brand new to training and have no idea where to start. Or you just don’t have the budget to have a trainer follow you around the gym for 3 hours per week.

There are many reasons why online training and nutrition coaching may the right choice for you. But I’m about to give you the two best reasons: individualization and results.

No two people respond to training and nutrition programs in the same way. This is where my concept of individualization comes in. Together we will set goals and then design customized protocols for you to follow based on your current lifestyle demands and training and nutrition history. No cookie-cutter programs here. Every training session and every meal plan is designed specifically for you. I’m not saying there won’t be sacrifices, but everything will be designed in a way to fit within your current day-to-day responsibilities.

And what’s the point of setting goals if we don’t put the wheels in motion to achieve those results? We will use a combination of assessments and track progress to insure that we are doing everything possible to reach the goals that we set together.

Your success is my success and that is something I take very seriously and very personally.

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How it all works:


It’s almost impossible to get you where you want to go without discussing where you’ve been. So we’ll discuss what you are currently doing, what you’ve done that’s worked in the past as well as your current lifestyle — all in an effort to design a program that works specifically for you.

Setting Goals

Goal setting does two major things: it gives us a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and it gives us something to be held accountable to. We’ll set big picture goals that we want to hit by the end of the program as well as smaller goals we can achieve on a week-by-week basis. Of course we’ll also go into detail on what behaviors we have to put in place to help you reach those goals.

Training Program

I’m not a boastful guy but I don’t know any other way to say this — my training programs work. Based on the results I’ve gotten for clients as well as the feedback I’ve received from literally hundreds of people who have used my programs I can confidently say that my program design you will get the results you are looking for.

You will receive an updated program each week describing the entire program with explicit instructions on how to get the most out of every rep. I will provide a training calendar that tells you exactly when to perform each weight training and cardio session (while providing the flexibility of fitting it all into whatever other things life throws your way). There is absolutely no guess work. I’ll do the planning. All I ask is that you put everything into your training.


What’s harder than grinding out a brutal, hour-long training session? Figuring out what to eat the other 23 hours of the day. When it comes to performance and body composition improvement, nutrition is certainly critical. Luckily, I have various nutritional strategies that I’ve utilized with great success for my clients. These strategies are critical for helping you lose fat, gain muscle and, most importantly, and getting the body you always wanted. And why we’ll certainly discuss common-sense strategies (and, if you don’t have a grasp of the basics, we’ll certainly start there) I have several advanced nutrition plans that have proven to deliver substantial results for my clients.


Sometimes things get confusing. Sometimes you just need a bit of reassurance. And sometimes you need someone to talk you out of downing an entire bag of Cheetos. Doing this on your own, even with a plan laid out for you is tough. That is why I offer unlimited email support. So if you need a question answered, a virtual pat on the back or someone to talk you off the nutritional ledge, I’m always here for you.

A Word Of Caution

While I do everything I can to make things as simple and effective as possible for you, my training programs are challenging. Do not confuse simple with easy. You will have to work hard both in the kitchen and on the training floor to get the most out of this program. So before you click that send button, take a long look at yourself in mirror and decide if you are ready to commit. The rewards are life-changing, but only if you are ready to put in the work.


In-Person Training And Nutrition Coaching

All in-person training and nutritional coaching sessions are performed at Peak Performance in New York City. Consistently voted one of the top 10 gyms in America, Peak is a personal training-only facility loaded with incredible equipment in an atmosphere conducive to serious, results-based training.

I utilize BioSignature Modulation, a system designed to optimize hormonal balance through nutrition, supplementation, sleep and stress management and other lifestyle modifications with my nutrition coaching and body composition clients.

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What Clients have to say…

I definitely got some serious results by training with you. You really know how to tune up a human body just like an auto mechanic would do to a car.

- Haris A.

I was actually meaning to let you know how impressed how i was with the program last week, especially chest/back. I’ve never really been good at benching…I was extremely surprised by how quickly my strength has been increasing. I’ve also noticed the added strength on exercises such as chin-ups…the week before last when i played i was once again surprised with my level of explosiveness…I’m extremely happy with the results so far, and as always will keep you updated

- Issaka M.

This 11% body fat is the best result I’ve ever had. Thank you Dan!!!

Can’t wait for this week’s program…

- Emanuele G.