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I really enjoyed the program, extremely challenging and I saw immediate results, weight went up and my legs definitely got bigger. I leaned out during the 4 weeks.

- Gianlucca B.

Quite honestly I found it the best program I have ever done! In such a short space of time my strength, size and work capacity have all improved significantly after being stuck in a plateau for ages! At first I was sceptical about maybe not having enough recovery for legs, but I think the training volume/frequency and recovery was spot on! The program was pretty brutal at times, but I loved every minute

- Lauren M.

I definitely got some serious results by training with you. You really know how to tune up a human body just like an auto mechanic would do to a car.

- Haris A.

I was actually meaning to let you know how impressed how i was with the program last week, especially chest/back. I’ve never really been good at benching…I was extremely surprised by how quickly my strength has been increasing. I’ve also noticed the added strength on exercises such as chin-ups…the week before last when i played i was once again surprised with my level of explosiveness…I’m extremely happy with the results so far, and as always will keep you updated

- Issaka M.

This 11% body fat is the best result I’ve ever had. Thank you Dan!!!

Can’t wait for this week’s program….

- Emanuele G.

I was a 6ft 3 – 13 stone 22 year old who had tried lots of methods of training to try to gain weight and increase my muscle mass, from 5/3/1, to german volume training, to body part splits, to upper lower/push pull splits and nothing seemed to have worked before.

I have just completed your 4 weeks to big arms program and while on the programmy arm size increased by an inch, along with an overall bodyweight increase of 8lbs, with very little fat added!

Obviously the impact of a program depends totally upon the nutrition, however i have kept the nutrition exactly the same, eating the same meals for the past 2 years, with around 4000 calories a day. Therefore, it is clear to me that your program has been the most effective for me in terms of increasing lean muscle mass, and just overall looking a little better!! So for that i must thank you.

- Jamie W.

Hey Dan, I’ve been a personal trainer/strength coach for 16 years, and I’m on my last week of “4 weeks to bigger arms” and I’m astonished. I’m a huge believer in deadlifts/squats/presses and i haven’t ever been much of an arm trainer (except when i was a young/uneducated trainer). I cant thank you enough for writing that article for T Nation, it’s workin great! I get to keep my strength and heavy lifts, and my arms are swelling, ha ha… Im a 36 year old man, and my arms look as good as they ever have, thanks again! Focusing on a goal, no matter what it is, and stickin to it… great stuff!

- Darren S.