I’ve always said one of the most important things for a coach or trainer to recognize – regardless of how long they’ve been “in the trenches” – is that they have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth, and that they should use them in that order.

What I really respect most about Dan – other than being a top rate coach and someone whom I have a lot of respect for – is that he’s constantly learning and open to learning from other people. He’s always observing, listening to others, and honing his craft. Always.

What’s more, not only does Dan talk the talk, but he walks it. He’s one of the most well-rounded and passionate trainers I’ve ever met, and he’s dedicated to his clients.

Even more important, Dan is just an awesome human being, which is pretty much the best compliment you can give someone. And he undoubtedly deserves it.

- Tony Gentilcore, CSCS

Dan Trink has proven himself to be one of the elite trainers in the fitness industry. He displays a keen understanding of the science of exercise, and as such has proven capable of helping anyone and everyone achieve optimal fitness regardless of their goals. Dan also has been a mentor to many of my exercise science students, improving their knowledge and skills as fitness professionals. His passion to share and disseminate information sets him apart from the vast majority of trainers. If you are looking for a top fitness pro, Dan is your man.

- Brad Schoenfeld, MSc, CSCS, CSPS, NSCA-CPT2011 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year

Fitness editors are always looking out for the next great strength coach.

So what makes a personal trainer or strength coach “great?” Is it knowledge? The ability to write solid programs? Hands-on experience training clients? Professionalism and integrity? Being a good communicator and problem solver?

It’s all those things and a lot more, and there’s no better example than Dan Trink. Plus, he’s got big arms.

- Bryan Krahn - Editor, T-Nation

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dan for over 4 years both professionally and as a friend. Dan is one of the best trainers I’ve met, his knowledge, passion and affable personality are just some of the reasons he is as successful as he is. A big man, over 6 feet and weighing in over 200 lbs, can make Dan a little intimidating to some, but his honest, genuine and funny personality wins over the crowd every time. Keep an eye on this rising star in the training world…he will be one to follow!

- Brett HoebelHoebel Fitness, founder – Trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Season 11

When it comes to strength training, weight loss, and helping people make sustainable improvements to all areas of their lives, I consider Dan Trink one of the top authorities in the game. Through his hard-nosed training, thought-provoking writing, and kind, humble demeanor, Dan is someone who earns your trust quickly — and never takes that trust for granted. —

- Jordan Shakeshaft - Fitness Editor,

Dan Trink is hands down one of the best trainers that I know. His approach to strength and conditioning is a unique combination of the deliberate application of cutting edge exercise science and experience based on hundreds of hours of face-time training clients. Being a strength coach is an interesting profession as you need to understand to the science of training but without having put in the hands on time coaching, applying those principles you wouldn’t be able to apply the training nuances that allow your clients to get the extra 10-15% changes in their bodies that they couldn’t get elsewhere. Dan personifies the ability to do this and lives the template of an ideal coach that all trainers should strive for. I always look forward to my conversations with Dan as they are always intellectually charged interactions which leave me with a list of ideas to explore and implement, making me a better nutritionist.

- Dr. Mike Roussell, PhD.