How The Weight Room Saved My Life

I didn’t jump up from my seat, slam my hands on the table and scream it. I actually just kind of mumbled it under my breath. Little did I know at the time that those five words would be the beginning of an ongoing experience that completely changed my body, my career path, my outlook, and my life. Had I known they were going to be so important, I probably would have said them with a bit more authority.

It was my 28th birthday, and I was five months away from my wedding. My fiancée threw me a wonderful dinner party with all of my favorite foods — baby back ribs, fried chicken, potato wedges, pie. I was 50 pounds overweight. I felt terrible and looked even worse, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. I didn’t want to get married looking or feeling like that. So I finished my meal, uttered those five words to myself and started the journey that I am still on to this day.

I made a few changes even though I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. The good news is, when you are doing everything wrong, just adjusting a few things is an improvement. I began walking, jogging, cycling, and stair-mastering at my neighborhood gym five times per week. I adjusted my diet so the only ‘sweets’ I allowed myself were two Fig Newtons every night. (Little did I know that my morning box of cereal was terrible for me or that drinking orange juice probably wasn’t the best idea, but I would learn soon enough.

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