Double Success

I am an unapologetic musclehead.

I believe in the big lifts. I love heavy weights. I get excited when one of my clients goes for and gets a personal record during a training session or competition.

But I have to say, I’ve had two of the greatest moments of my career this week and neither of them had to do with how much load was on the bar.

I received two emails this week from two BioSignature/Nutrition clients that have me so beaming with pride that I had to share them with you.

The first one is from nutrition client, FD (I’ll use initials just in case these clients want to remain anonymous). FD’s son is also a nutrition client of mine who has had great success, he dropped over 40 pounds in 4 months and has managed to keep that weight off for the past 6 months. FD followed some of the advice that I was giving his son and also lost some weight but ultimately plateaued and decided to come and see me. FD is 63 years old. He certainly had some fat to lose and was on blood pressure medication. His doctor also has him on Lipitor to control his cholesterol (which will be the topic of a future post, I guarantee).

So FD came in for an assessment. We discussed some nutrition strategies, emailed on almost a daily basis to make sure that things were going well, that he understood what I wanted him to do and to troubleshoot any difficulties he may have been having.

This week he came in for a reassessment. In 3 weeks he had lost 9lbs of fat and put on 1.5lbs of muscle. Again, this is someone who is 63 years old. He felt great on the nutrition plan, energy was good, sleep was improving, he wasn’t finding himself hungry. He even mentioned that he doesn’t feel like he’s on a diet, really. More like he just changed a few habits. The next day he was going to his doctor for his check up. This is the email I received from him when I asked how it went:

Blood back next week. Blood pressure 120/70. Finished with those meds. Lipitor next.

As great as it is to help someone break the 400lb mark in a deadlift or bench their body weight for the first time, getting someone healthy and off medication is a whole different level of awesome. And, to quote FD, “Lipitor next”.

Then on Thursday morning I wake up to this email from my BioSignature cient MB. MB is the type of client I dream of having. She’s positive and realizes what she is gaining from making changes as opposed to focus on what she may be losing. The “Jamie” in her email is my great friend and trainer Jamie Dryer who referred MB to me. Here is her email:

“Hi Dan,

i’m feeling so good!

I started taking the fiber supplement and 6 Omega 3s per day immediately after we met.  I’ve become pretty obsessive about buying organic fruits vegetables, eggs and other food products whenever I can and seek out restaurants and shops that carry these items.

It’s hard to believe how amazing I’m feeling!  It’s been less than a week since I started following your strategies and I already feel more energetic and have had absolutely no stomach issues or bloating at all.  That is truly hard for me to believe!  I also find that my thought process is clearer and that I’m more focused and upbeat.

I’m still waking up during the night, but mostly to use the bathroom.  I’ve been doing my 5 minutes of “grateful for” logging and it does have a calming effect.

What’s most positive is the fact that I’m not anxious about eating.  I used to eat the same foods all the time and worried about portions and calories.  It’s so much easier now to just eat “real” healthy food spaced out throughout the day and not obsess.  And surprisingly, I’m not craving sweets except for a mint lifesaver at bedtime… don’t ask me why?  And yes, it was a little hard to give up sweet and low, but I’m getting accustomed to Stevia.

Today, even Jamie remarked about a change in me that he couldn’t pinpoint… and I was stronger than ever in my workout.

As you can see, I’m very pumped and look forward to experiencing more positive changes.  Thank you for that!

I will send you another food log in a day or two.”

Helping others reach their goals, whether those goals are to get off medication, break a new world record or look great in a bikini, is not only my job as a coach, it is also my honor as a person. And being a part of changing someones life for the better is just about the greatest gift I have ever given myself.