I am a 28 year old female and a very busy sales professional. I am also a former college athlete with serious lingering injuries and as a result, until recently, I have had inconsistent and generally poor training habits. I started training with Dan two years ago, prioritizing body composition, stress management and nutrition. Dan has an excellent knowledge base and was able to quickly identify and plan a regimen that enhances my strengths as well as overcoming those specific injury-related weaknesses that previously caused me to go off track. His program is well suited to improve my overall body composition, incorporating a tailored but sensible nutrition plan into my life. Dan is a true professional and is the most talented trainer I have encountered at any level. I consider myself very lucky to be a client of his.

- Sarah B.

I have worked with Dan Trink for the past two and a half years and have seen incredible results. I have lost weight and fat. I have also gained lean muscle mass, slimmed down, and improved my posture. What makes Dan so unique to me is that not only does he help me strength train properly, but he helps me with my nutrition as well. He is very patient and always available by email if I have questions. I am 42 years old and am in the best shape of my life thanks to Dan.

- Jaime C.

I am a 42 year old male; a working professional and former college athlete. Like most men my age, my diet has changed (for the worse), my lifestyle is far more sedentary than I would like and my time available for training is limited. Needless to say, a casual trip to the gym has limited effectiveness and frankly it’s hard to keep up with the intensity required to make a difference. I have worked with Dan for close to three years now and the results have quite simply been nothing short of extraordinary. He is focused on improvement; he will push your limits but understands where they are so you do not suffer undue setbacks. His methods are not driven by fads but based on well-researched and proven routines. He is instructive in all elements of your training: from the workouts, to diet to proper recovery. If you follow his instructions and put in the time you will get results with Dan.

- Michael H. - IPA New York State Masters Powerlifting Record Holder

The best thing about Dan is that he is genuinely passionate about his work. He’s not using training to pay the bills while he works on his acting career. He really loves what he does, training and helping clients reach their goals no matter what they are, and that sincerity and knowledge comes through in workout sessions and his writing. I‘ve made more progress training with him than with any other trainer I’ve worked with and definitely more than years trying to hack it on my own.

- Rishi P.