BioSignature Modulation – The Missing Link to Ultimate Body Composition

Maybe you’re the type of person who’s got it all figured out. You’re eating clean. Your training is smart and consistent. You’re even getting a good amount of sleep. Yet, your body composition just isn’t where you’d like it to be.

Or maybe you are a total newcomer and are looking for that extra edge that will drive results as fast as possible.

Well, whether you are someone looking for the last piece of the puzzle, just starting out or somewhere in between, BioSignature Modulation may just be the ‘secret’ you are looking for.

What is BioSignature Modulation?

BioSignature Modulation is a system that was developed by strength coach Charles Poliquin in 2001. Through his experience and research, Charles determined that people would store body fat in certain areas on their body. Sometimes this was subtle and sometimes it was wildly disproportionate. We’ve all seen that woman in the gym with a really lean torso but carrying quite a bit of fat on her lower body. Or that guy whose got super skinny legs but looks like he swallowed a beach ball. Surely this propensity to store fat in certain areas in the body is partially based on genetics. Well, while genetics are a factor (as they are in almost everything) they are not the entire picture. There is something else going on that drives fat storage in certain areas of your body. The culprit is your hormones.

How Does it Work?

The BioSignature process starts with a body composition analysis done at 12 sites with a precision caliper. Once these skin-folds are measured, the results are inputted into a proprietary algorithm that ranks the sites in order of priority (this is not based on absolute numbers but on ideal ratios that have been determined from years of research and testing). Sounds kind of high-tech? Well, that’s because it really is a breakthrough way to assess someone’s body composition.

Once the sites are ranked in priority order, targeted recommendations can be made regarding nutrition, supplementation, stress-reducing techniques and sleep requirements. Now, many people who have heard of BioSignature before but have not had it done think it’s all about putting people on loads of supplements. They have the wrong impression. BioSignature recommendations are holistic and focus on the big picture. In fact, because it reveals such specific information about you and your hormonal profile it often reduces the amount of supplements someone needs to take because the approach is so targeted. You are no longer just walking into a health food store and haphazardly grabbing bottles of vitamins hoping they will work. BioSignature recommendations are based on what you specifically need which can ultimately reduce the amount of supplements you take.

What BioSignature is Not

BioSignature is a powerful tool and I’ve used it with great results across all types of populations including stay at home Moms and professional athletes. I actually use it as part of the assessment protocol for all of my nutrition clients. However, as great as BioSignature is, merely coming in and having the assessment and analysis does not then mean you can sit on the couch eating Ho-Ho’s and end up looking like fitness model. You still have to do your work in the gym and at the dinner table. BioSignature is not a magic bullet. It’s just a piece of the puzzle designed to look at your body in a unique and specialized way.

But, Hey, Don’t Take It From Me

Like I said, I use BioSignature all the time and truly believe in it. But here is an actual unedited email I received from a nutrition client of mine who had been following her specific BioSig protocol for only a few weeks. I actually posted this in an earlier blog but I feel it epitomizes the success someone can quickly get from putting these strategies to use.

“Hi Dan,

i’m feeling so good!

I started taking the fiber supplement and 6 Omega 3s per day immediately after we met.  I’ve become pretty obsessive about buying organic fruits vegetables, eggs and other food products whenever I can and seek out restaurants and shops that carry these items.

It’s hard to believe how amazing I’m feeling!  It’s been less than a week since I started following your strategies and I already feel more energetic and have had absolutely no stomach issues or bloating at all.  That is truly hard for me to believe!  I also find that my thought process is clearer and that I’m more focused and upbeat.

I’m still waking up during the night, but mostly to use the bathroom.  I’ve been doing my 5 minutes of “grateful for” logging and it does have a calming effect.

What’s most positive is the fact that I’m not anxious about eating.  I used to eat the same foods all the time and worried about portions and calories.  It’s so much easier now to just eat “real” healthy food spaced out throughout the day and not obsess.  And surprisingly, I’m not craving sweets except for a mint lifesaver at bedtime… don’t ask me why?  And yes, it was a little hard to give up sweet and low, but I’m getting accustomed to Stevia.

Today, even Jamie remarked about a change in me that he couldn’t pinpoint… and I was stronger than ever in my workout.

As you can see, I’m very pumped and look forward to experiencing more positive changes.  Thank you for that!

I will send you another food log in a day or two.”

Now, as a side note, this woman, who works about 50 hours a week at a desk job and is in her mid-50s has lost 7lbs and has dropped to 14.6% body fat, which is astonishing. She is only mid-way through the program.

I Get It. I Want It. Gimme Gimme.

So if you are ready to finally tackle your body composition goals or have been plugging away at it for a while and are ready to bust through a long standing plateau, BioSignature may be for you. If you are interested in a one-time analysis or a 6 or 12 week program (which I recommend as you can track changes to your BioSignature and drive maximize results this way) reach out to me via the contact page for more information, pricing and to schedule an appointment.