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The Men’s Fitness Transformassacre

“So when I tell you we’re in this together, it truly comes from a place of knowing the challenges of pulling off a remarkable body composition transformation. And, even though we have a short time, remarkable is what I’m shooting for.”



Links to all 8 episodes:

  • Transformassacre Week 8: Charlie’s Big Reveal
  • Transformassacre Week 7: Recapping Charlie’s Journey
  • Transformassacre Week 6: Packing on the Muscle
  • Transformassacre Week 5: Putting Away the Baby Weights
  • Transformassacre Week 4: Charlie’s Shocking New Body
  • Transformassacre Week 3: Will He Train The Same Alone?
  • Let the Transformassacre Begin!
  • The 8-Week Total Body Fitness Transformassacre

The Fit 5: Diet Plan

“Eating whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods should be your first step when improving your nutritional intake.”

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8 Tips For A Big Number Bench Press

“The most important part of bench pressing might just be your set-up.”

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3 Effective Medicine Ball Moves You Should Be Doing

Bottom line: if explosive power is not part of you current training program, it should be”

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7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

“In order to add pounds to your lifts, you need to train closer to

your one repetition maximum.”

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6 Session Workouts That Will Beat You Up

“It’s perfect for the intermediate/advanced trainee who is looking to shed fat while building lean mass.”
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6 Simple Steps to a Successful New Routine

“…why you started training in the first place, it’s probably to accomplish one of three things—getting stronger, getting bigger or getting leaner.”

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Workout Finisher: 2-Minute Leg Press Challenge

“But wait, if you haven’t included a “finisher” – usually a brutal one to two set single-exercise or circuit protocol – you aren’t really finished with your workout.”

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Get Lean in 4 Weeks

“Right now your body composition is in your hands….”
 Week 1
 Week 2
 Week 3
 Week 4


Your Workouts Reviewed

Your Workouts Reviewed: The Push-Pull Split

“I also like combining chest with biceps and back with triceps…as these are antagonist pairings (one is a ‘push’ while the other is a ‘pull’)…”

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Your Workouts Reviewed: The MASS Builder

“And volume plus recovery equals some serious mass building. Hey, maybe I’m a mathematician after all.”

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Your Workouts Reviewed: Four Days of HIIT

“Stick with the basic movements and be great at them, even if you want to utilize them in a metabolic capacity.”

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Your Workouts Reviewed: 300+ Rep Circuit

“The workout is also incredibly metabolic so I have no doubt that almost anyone who tried it (and could survive it) would shed some serious fat.”

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Your Workouts Reviewed: Mr. Giant Sets

“Overall, less “beach muscles,” more “big bang movements” and maybe less movements overall. Keep it simple and the chances of success will be much greater.”

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Your Workouts Reviewed: Losing Fat and Adding Muscle

“Intervals will likely have more carry-over to the demands of your future career and will help significantly in dropping body fat.”

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Your Workouts Reviewed: Cardio Knockout


“You need to create a specific plan that focuses more on the first principle of strength training—progressive overload.”

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High Performance Training Matrix

“Now get after it, train hard, and prepare for some of the best changes in muscle mass, leanness, and focus you’ve ever experienced.”

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4 Weeks To Bigger Legs

“See those two pale, sickly looking tent-poles poking out from the bottom of your shorts? Those are your legs, and it’s painfully obvious to everyone that you’ve been ignoring them.”

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5 Tips For A Bigger, Badder, Overhead Press

“This is top secret, black box stuff that I’ve been keeping close to the vest for years. So don’t say I never gave you anything.”

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Carb Cycling For the Non-Counter

“…a system that derives the muscle building, fat shedding effects of traditional carb cycling without all the cortisol-raising counting and calculators.”

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7 Tweaks To Make Your Exercises More Evil

“In today’s “functional fitness, suspension training, circus act, make-up-a-new-exercise-every-time-you-go-into-the-gym world,” I love taking tried-and-true old school exercises and adding little tweaks to make them that much more evil, and much more effective.”

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Four Weeks to Big Arms

“…the goal for the next 4 weeks is to get your pipes as massive as possible while incorporating some big lifts to keep your man-status in check.”

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A Training Program For Hormone Optimization

“Fact is, strength training does more than just create muscle damage. It releases a variety of hormones that also influence how you’ll adapt and grow from your training session.”

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How The Weight Room Saved My Life

“Sometimes you just have to put down the spare ribs and take the first step towards something you’re really driven to do.”

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 Girl Power: Why Lifting Heavier Can Be A Life Changer

While the idea of getting women to train heavy is smart, the strategies they’re using to convince them of that could not be more dumb.”

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Greatist Expert Network

“Dan has not only been able to meet his own fitness goals, he has become an expert at helping others reach theirs as well.”

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How Do I Know If I’m Dehydrated

“Finally, keep in mind that hydration effects muscle growth, recovery and weight loss in a big way.”

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 Greatist Workout of the Day

“New to GWODs? Start by reading our FAQ and picking the program — 2, 3, or 4 days per week — that’s right for you!”

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My Greatist Routine: Dan Trink

“Read on to see how Dan balances his responsibilities both in and outside the gym, and find out what pushes him to keep learning every step along the way.”

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Top 10 Trainer Tips for Hypertrophy Programming

“Hypertrophy programming should revolve around three factors: volume (total work done), muscle damage and variety of movements.”

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$ Per Hour Isn’t Thee Way to Long-Term Personal Training Success

“Get involved in a facility or situation where you are around likeminded people who challenge you to get better.”

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19 Tips For Aspiring Fitness Writers

“Write what you know. It’s best to write about subjects that you can back up not only with research but with real-world experience as well.”

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Personal Trainer Photo Shoot: 4 Weeks Till Photo Ready

“I used to be a fat guy who worked in advertising. Now I’m a fit guy who heads training operations at one of the top 10 gyms in the US”

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Should Personal Trainers Lead With an Iron Fist

“I still have fantasies of standing on the top of a plyo box and screaming ‘you can’t handle the truth'”

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Uncle Dan’s Secrets To Getting Published

“With so many sites and magazines now dedicated to fitness and turnover being much greater, there’s a huge demand for content.”

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4 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

“But failing to take the proper steps before each training session can sabotage your results…”

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 Muscle Head in a Storm: How the Gym Helped Me Escape Sandy

“It felt great to be surrounded by neighbors, other men and women working up a sweat, doing what we love to do. It almost felt normal.”

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4 Reasons You Don’t Have The Body You Want


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Bad Ass Workout of the Week: CrossFit Combo

“I would love to see is you adding in some of the real foundational exercises such as squats, deadlifts and military presses…”

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 Bad Ass Workout of the Week: Maximum Volume

“…lifestyle factors—no fried foods, high meal frequency, protein-rich diet—are critical to your success.”

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 Bad Ass Workout of the Week: Circuit Maximus

“Design a program, progress that program for a number of weeks, then move on to something else.”

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Bad-Ass Workout of the Week: Survival of the Strongest

“If you are looking to shed fat and drive up your work capacity, this is the workout for you.”

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Bad-Ass Workout of the Week: Interval Training Intensity

“If you are a fan of the big lifts, like incorporating HIIT and value some serious volume, this workout is for you.”

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Assorted Websites

Peak Performance NYC’s Diagnostic Testing & The Amazing Unexpected Resuls

“Plus, I got to meet two of the Directors of Peak Performance, including Dan Trink…which was cool.”

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Total Beauty “What’s The Best Exercise For Your Age?”

“The reason we get weaker and out of shape as we get older isn’t so much about biological factors as it is about lifestyle factors,”

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Bliss Tree: “Why Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?”

“even though many women fear getting bulky or too muscular, they almost never end up that way”

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Some Kind of Runderful “Strength Training Tips for Runners”

“but logging all those miles can lead to muscle imbalances and injury.”

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Refinery 29: “Getting Skinny: What Works and What’s Dangerous”

While you can build muscle in an area by specifically working it, fat loss does not occur in the same manner,”

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